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Guangzhou Security When Boarding Investigate Passenger Mobile Phone Shell Store Sharp Blades
Jan 30, 2016

The latest information, Guangzhou airport a passenger was stopped at the door by security personnel when you board the plane for more than 20 minutes to find where the problem lies, quarreled with the staff more than 20 minutes at a time, carefully check the reason is stored in the phone case razor blades!

Mobile phone housing

The passenger said, he is a fishing enthusiast, out the door down because the blade cut bait fish line, keep a single blade that comes with a sharp, blade in your Pocket not safe, then place the blade in a handset can hold the blade shell, who himself went out too fast so as to forget stored in the casing of the blade leading to delay the trip.

Last-minute find the cause, but the aircraft had closed the hatch and had to change flights, small make up tips, mobile phone cover easy to store small items, but be careful not to carry dangerous contraband, Oh!