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Nanjing Downtown Packages Found In Man's Leg, The Police Investigation Was Silicone Products!
Jan 30, 2016

Nanjing, reported to the police, discovered a human leg near the Zhongshan Road, Nanjing! Verification confirms that look very lifelike silicone products!

In Nanjing Zhongshan Road near, Zhang Uncle continue of from platform Xia got off home, passing out station mouth of steps Shang, Zhang Uncle accident found has a black package package, see around no claimed, so curious of Zhang Uncle will package package picked up up open, but didn't wants to playing rendering Zhang Uncle eye of was a article "people leg", scare have Zhang Uncle quickly reported has case!

Silicone products

After the police received a report, rushed to the scene, the police said, seen from afar is really a realistic "one leg", can see up close the toe and leg hair, full of unusual tension! Police opened the black bag was found is not an leg, but looks quite life-like silicone products, devices belonging to the silicone dolls above and close to smell a smell of silica gel, and touch real skin and real difference!

Such a lifelike silicone products! Obviously this is a spoof, as to who would be so boring? Police launched an investigation into this!