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Strip Shell Special Flame Retardant PP Compound PP-GW750
Jan 30, 2016

With the promotion of high power air conditioners and other home appliances in the home, the current socket security have become increasingly stringent, appliances Note: IEC 60884-1:2002 and 2008 version GB GB 2099.1-2008 for household and similar use plug sockets do strict requirements, including requirements for flame retardant for glow-wire ignition temperature needs to reach 750 degrees Celsius.

Dawn Gao Cai have flame retardant national research and Development Centre, after fire retardant and formula optimization of PP-GW750 fully satisfy the requirements of the flame retardant currently launched, providing safe, environmentally friendly flame retardant product for export orders, products have been large quantities to replace plastics such as PC,PC/ABS, and that the products comply with GB 2099.1-2008, is now entering the batch stage of industrialization.