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Allows You To Experience The True Feeling Of "flocking" Technology Mobile Phone Housing
Jan 30, 2016

Today's the casing design is strange, what pattern, Taobao is also a lot recently, Japan launched a new iphone6/s phone shell. The phone shell is according to four leaves sister in the of characters and design, may you listening to has and no more big of fresh sense, after all Taobao Shang is a big heap, said this paragraph phone shell of design of main not shape Shang, but the phone shell by used of is advanced of "electrostatic plant Velvet" technology, can let user experience to real lawn Shang of am, to people a not as of feel!

Mobile phone housing

"Flocking" is the use of charge like charges repel the physics of opposites, using the charge produced by the natural characteristics of a new production process, under phone case is divided into two of the four sisters, one is corrugated cardboard robots Ah Leng, running another sister is a four-leaf-shaped, isn't it funny?

The handset in Japan sales of 5292 yen, interested friends can go and have a look!