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Silicones And Food
Jul 26, 2016

In the kitchen a variety of products make use of the inherent characteristics of silicone. Their resistance to high temperatures, hygienic properties and safety for human health, even after extensive use, make them a reliable and convenient partner in the kitchen.

A selection of applications using silicones

Silicone tools are great helpers in the kitchen 

Products coming in contact with food are expected to fulfil high quality and safety standards. The fact that silicone is pliable, bacteria and heat resistant makes it an ideal material for use in the kitchen.The varieties of colours and designs for silicone kitchen tools are endless. Their applications range from baking moulds and oven mitts to collapsible food containers and sippy cups. Their robustness and ability to remain soft and pliable over time make them durable, easy-to-use helpers for cooking, baking and feeding. Thorough testing and regulations ensure the safety of silicone products intended for food contact. 

Bottle feeding has never been so easy! 

Soft silicone weaning products are gentle on gums and new teeth of babies but compared to other materials silicone is sturdy enough to be accidently chewed on. Sippy cups, weaning spoons and baby bottle teats made from silicone are resistant to frequent sterilization without showing any deterioration of the material. The tear strength and inherent inertness to bacteria, mould and fungi make it a suitable material for baby and toddler products.